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51cm cow breaks Guinness World Record

Nearly 2-year-old cow in Bangladesh causes media fever when she has a body smaller than a newborn calf.

In recent days, thousands of people have flocked to the farm in the Charigram region, about an hour’s drive from Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, to see with their own eyes a dwarf cow named Rani, whose owner believes ‘it will be the Guinness World Record for the smallest cow in the world.

Rani is 23 months old but is only 51cm, 66cm long and weighs 26kg. She is 10cm shorter than Manikyam – the world’s smallest cow currently in India, established in 2014.

Farm owner Kazi Mohammed Abu Sufian said he submitted the request to Guinness this month and received a response that after 90 days they will come to verify and certify Rani’s listing in the Guinness Book of records if it is really smaller than Manikyam.

“Rani eats less feed than other cows. She only needs 100 grams of grass and grains in the morning and 100 grams more in the evening,” Sufian said.

Rani có kích thước nhỏ hơn cả một con bê mới sinh. Ảnh: AFP.

According to experts, this tiny white cow suffers from inbreeding dwarfism and this may cause her to have a shorter life expectancy than usual.

“Inbreeding increases the likelihood of genetic problems and birth defects. In most cases, animals with dwarfism do not live long,” said Assistant Professor Joe Armstrong at the University of Minnesota.

Over the past year, Rani’s weight has increased by 6.8 kg, but it is not expected to increase by half, according to the local vet.

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