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The snake-eating kite throws a series of kicks, killing the wild rabbit mercilessly

The strong and consecutive kicks of two snake-eating kites caused the wild rabbit to die after a few short seconds.
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The snake-eating kite is the only species of bird in the family Sagittariidae. This is a large bird when each adult can reach 1.3m high, 1.5m long, 2.25m wingspan and weigh more than 3kg. In the wild, their main food is small mammals, snakes and some rodents.

In the video above, two snake-eating kites demonstrate the terrifying power of their legs when kicking a wild rabbit to death in just a few short seconds. It is known that this scene was accidentally recorded by tour guide Grant Telfer at Masai Mara Wildlife Sanctuary, Kenya.

According to Grant Telfer, in addition to being able to kill wild rabbits, snake-eating kites can also kill antelopes with their kicks. Meanwhile, thanks to their elongated legs, covered with solid horny scales, they also do not hesitate to “execute” some poisonous snakes such as bell tails or cobras.

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