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Animals That Asked For Help

Everyone loves their pets and no one would want anything to happen to them.

Sometimes though, animals have a knack for putting themselves in a jam.

They are curious beings and sometimes curiosity delivers more than you ask for! Thankfully, you never know who is around to help you out!


Stunned tourists could barely believe their eyes after driving up to a lion feast early Saturday, with three of the buffaloes already having fallen prey to the kings of the wild.

They rescued nine. We believe the buffaloes had been stuck for several hours, perhaps a day or two. The buffaloes are heavy animals, with adults weighing in at about 590kg.

It was easy for them to sink in the mud, and they became easy pickings for lions and scavengers like hyenas and vultures.

Tour guides, game rangers, and local farmers spent nearly 12 hours rescuing the animals from the mud in a very dangerous operation that required rangers to physically hook a rope around each buffalo’s horns.

The ropes were attached to a tractor and an old Land Rover which used their four-wheel-drive power to drag the stricken animals to safety.


Four puppies nearly died after they stumbled into tar that had been spilled in a garbage pile.

The strays were so covered with tar and debris that only their eyes could move. Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to their rescue after receiving a call.

When the first one wandered in and got stuck, she must have cried with so much emotion that the others came to see what was the matter, and they too got glued down by the awful tar.

One puppy was covered in plastic garbage and stones, glued to her because of the tar.

She, like the other puppies, was completely trapped.

It dazed the little sweethearts with confusion, pain, fear, and frustration, and two were so covered that all they could move was their eyes.

They took the puppies back to their shelter and although they knew the pups had a mother, they “couldn’t find her until the day following their rescue.” They set about the delicate operation of washing the tar off of the puppies, which took hours.

They worked for three days on the pups, who were all so exhausted and so sad about their ordeal. But after they removed the tar, they would soon be reunited with their mother.

By the time Mommy arrived, they were freed from the poisonous grip of the tar and ready for the comfort of her love.

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