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Crocodiles helplessly break turtle shells: shocking action

The crocodile grabbed a fairly large turtle and managed to enjoy its meal.

With formidable predators like crocodiles, it’s probably just the turtles that make them a little hard to put in their mouths. Indeed, the hard shell of the turtle is an obstacle for the crocodile.

Although it possessed strong jaws with the main biting force in nature, the crocodile still had to surrender and could not break the shell of the turtle. This time was no exception, the crocodile tried to break the shell to eat the turtle that was hiding there.

However, struggling for a long time, the crocodile could not succeed. I thought it would spare this tough prey, but in the end he chose to swallow the prey whole.

Ca sau bat luc pha mai rua: Hanh dong socCa sau bat luc pha mai rua: Hanh dong soc

Ca sau bat luc pha mai rua: Hanh dong soc

Ca sau bat luc pha mai rua: Hanh dong soc

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