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Weirdest Things Ever Found Inside Animals

Animals have a way of getting into trouble and it’s not always intention. They’re constantly looking for food and they can usually differentiate between food and something else.

However, sometimes, perhaps when they’re starving, they just gobble up whatever it is they find. Another problem is how humans treat their environment, and many times, an animal ends up with garbage in his stomach because of pollution. Let’s find out together as we countdown 15 weirdest things ever found in animals

THREE TURTLES IN A CROC’S STOMACH Number 15 on our list are three turtles in a crocodile’s stomach. Two young crocodile hunters captured a small crocodile in the forest, and what they found inside its stomach was astounding.

Three turtles, fully intact were in the crocodiles’ stomach and when I say intact, I mean alive and breathing. This means the crocodile just swallowed them without chewing or crushing them.

What’s peculiar though is crocodiles are known to have very strong digestive acids in their stomachs to break down food.

I guess he had just swallowed the turtles.

Talk about it not being your day to die. That’s incredible stuff when you think about it. The boys let the turtles live and probably put them back in their habitat to let them enjoy life until the next crocodile comes along and gobbles them up.

They cut the crocodile into pieces and cooked and seemed to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors. Pet Parrot eaten by a Boa Constrictor Number 14 on our list is the Pet Parrot that was eaten by a Boa Constrictor.

Okay, if you have multiple pets in your home, try to do some research before you get them all living under the same roof.

If it’s at all likely that your pets may try to eat each other, maybe don’t bring them into the family — or at least try to keep them in separate rooms? Otherwise, you’ll be faced with quite a traumatic afternoon as was the case with this poor birdy. One day, a family came home to find that their pet parrot was strangely missing.

It wasn’t like the bird to fly off, and they weren’t sure how it would’ve gotten out in the first place.

Well, they figured out the curious case of the parrot in the daytime quickly. One look at the pet boa constrictor confirmed that someone had had a big lunch. Apparently, Tweety had bigger problems than a “puddy-tat” to worry about.

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