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Picking up a strange animal to take home, the girl has to throw it away after hearing scary information from passers-by

This girl almost caused disaster when she intended to bring the animal home.

To take a break from a busy day, the girl in the story below asked her friend to go out with her. However, on the date of the date, this girl’s friend did not show up.

Feeling frustrated, she decided to get back together after waiting so long.

However, just as she was about to leave the date, a small “monster” clung to the young girl and startled her.

Nhặt được con vật kỳ dị định đem về nhà, cô gái phải vứt vội sau khi nghe được thông tin đáng sợ từ người đi đường
However, seeing the strange but not terribly scary appearance of the animal, she decided to pick it up for examination. Because she did not know what species the animal belonged to, the girl boldly brought it home to ask members of her family.

As a result, on the way home, a passer-by saw this animal and immediately advised the girl to throw it away immediately. This person said, it is an animal of the crustacean family with the scientific name Armadillo.

They carry the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae – a bacterium that causes leprosy. So, if you are exposed to this organism for a long time, the risk of leprosy is extremely high.

Hearing this, the girl was extremely frightened and hastily released the “monster”. Fortunately, the advice of this nice passer-by saved her life, otherwise the consequences would be unpredictable …

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