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Abandoned in the open grass, the baby antelope becomes a delicious meal for leopards

Due to the loss of his mother and severe dehydration, the wildebeest cub had no chance of survival when it was discovered by the leopard.

While touring the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, 36-year-old musician Francis Kijazi captured a sad moment in the wildlife world. It is a scene where the baby antelope is exhausted and becomes delicious prey for leopards.

Before that, this baby antelope had migrated with its fellow humans to find a new food source. During the chaotic movement, it lost its mother and became severely dehydrated. This caused the few weeks old antelope to become exhausted, so he had to stop and rest.

Unfortunately, its resting place is in the territory of the leopard. Not missing the opportunity to eat, the leopard immediately approached the target and quickly dealt a fatal blow, killing the baby wildebeest.

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