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Animals That Survived The Impossible

The animal world is filled with dangerous challenges every day, and some animals more than others are faced with the worst kind.

Certain animals have had to show an incredible amount of resilience and determination just to survive. If you’re interested in unbelievable stories,

TIGGY THE CAT A lucky cat miraculously survived a 30-minute cycle in a washing machine after being given the kiss of life by his owner.

Nine-month-old Tiggy

was motionless and not breathing when he was pulled from the machine drum by his devastated owner Rae Sutton.

But after mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her living room sofa, the cat began breathing again and was rushed to the nearby veterinary practice.

On being given an oxygen mask, the cat awoke from his coma and amazingly returned back home just three hours after the drama.

The owner thought the cat was dead when she pulled him out and she was hysterical. She says she will never leave him out of her sight again.


young male lion caught in a snare that slowly tightened around his neck as he grew older has been saved after a rescue operation was launched.

The lion was first spotted trapped in the snare in Mikumi National park in Tanzania back but several attempts to rescue him failed.

After three years, the cord had become so tightly wrapped around the lion’s neck that he was left unable to hunt and his gaping wound attracted flies and infection.

The young animal would soon have been lying in agony in the African bush facing certain death. The lion was found by park rangers in August and vets managed to sedate him and cut away the electrical wire snare.

The lion has now been photographed in the wild for the first time since his ordeal and appears to be recovering with his mane growing back over his neck and shoulders.

The rescue ended a three-year hell for the lion.

As he has grown over the last three years, the wire snare got tighter and tighter around his neck and began causing a slow agonizing death.

By the time he was found he was so weak he was unable to hunt, but amazingly he was being kept alive by the love of his brothers and sisters in his pride.

They didn’t kill him as often is the fate of weak male lions, but instead, the siblings in his pride kept him alive by bringing him back prey they had hunted.

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