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Most Beautiful Birds in the World

Beautiful birds can be seen across the globe, but which ones are the most beautiful? There are so many varieties and species of birds, one more beautiful than the other and to come up with a definitive list is almost impossible.

These specials birds come in some of the most amazing sizes and colors and they are just a marvel to look at. We’ve rounded up what we consider are the some of the most beautiful birds in the world. So, join us while we countdown the 15 Most Beautiful Birds In The World.

SPANGLED CONTINGA The Spangled Cotinga is a species of bird in the Cotingidae family, the cotingas. It is found in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

The species is sexually dimorphic with the male being a bright turquoise blue with a large deep wine-red throat and black to the wings, tail and back. The female is overall dull brownish-gray with darker wings and faint mottling below.

Fruit and berries are consumed, often “gorging” at a masting tree or bush such as mistletoe. The fruits are often plucked on the wing.

Although the seeds of larger species might be regurgitated, smaller seeds are often swallowed. Insects are also taken. The Spangled Cotinga lives in the northern two thirds of South America east of the Andes. It favors the lowland wetland forests and is common in its range.

The Spangled Cotinga is hunted for its colorful feathers, which are used for making fishing flies and decorations by indigenous tribes.

The spangled cotinga has a wide, black beak, slightly hooked at the end. The wings are black with two pale bands and have rounded tips. The head and back are turquoise-blue with black markings.

The eyes are black. The belly and breast are also turquoiseblue. The tail is black. The legs are short. This species does not sing: in flight it makes a loud whistle produced by vibrating specialized wing feathers.

If you like the color blue, Cotingas are a feast for the eyes.

BARN OWLS As one of the most widespread birds in the world, the barn owl is also one of the most beautiful. Found on every continent except Antarctica, the medium-sized owl is instantly familiar thanks to its white, heart-shaped face.

This is offset by speckled brown plumage, which gives it a distinct contrast and a variety of associations. Some think their spotted feathers look like poppy seeds while others see the color and imagine a toasted marshmallow.

However, you choose to view their plumage, one thing is clear: it is a stunning creature. The distinctive bird makes an equally unique sound. Rather than the familiar hoot we typically associate with owls, this species is known for its shriek.

The length of the scream will give you a clue as to what it is about. Male barn owls use it to invite a female to “inspect a nest site” while female owls will shriek as a way of asking for food from the male.

A longer sound, lasting three to four seconds, is an indication that an intruder or predator might be trying to disturb their nest.

Barn owls are a favorite of farmers thanks to their great skill for hunting small rodents, lizards, and even insects. As with most owls, they are nocturnal.
This means that they have excellent vision in low light and incredible hearing, which allows them to grab prey even in the dark.
Of course, there are some exceptions, with barn owls in Britain and on some Pacific Islands also hunting by day.
Their hunting method consists of either flying low over the ground in search of prey or by flying down from a perch.
While barn owls will typically mate two to three times a year and maintain a healthy population, this doesn’t mean that they don’t face threats. Predators include raccoons, opossums, eagles, and other larger owls.
When threatened, barn owls lower their head and sway from side to side as they hiss and snap their beak.
Changes in weather can also drastically affect their lifespans, as this causes a scarcity of food and changes the breeding seasons.

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