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Most Dangerous Places In The World

While there are plenty of places in the world that would easily pass as the reflection of paradise, there are others where one is not even advised to tread owing to unknown dangers that lurk in every corner.

Find out which ones they are as we countdown 15 most dangerous places in the world.


Indonesia’s Sinabung volcano in north Sumatra has been highly active since its first confirmed Holocene eruption during August and September 2010.

It remained quiet after the initial eruption until September 2013, when a new eruptive phase began that continued uninterrupted through June 2018.

Ash plumes often rose several kilometers, avalanche blocks fell kilometers down the flanks, and deadly pyroclastic flows traveled more than 4 km repeatedly during the eruption.

After a pause in eruptive activity from July 2018 through April 2019, explosions took place again during May and June 2019.

The primary hazards of eruption of Mount Sinabung include the hot clouds, lava flows, and volcanic ash and rocks.

The hot clouds of Sinabung volcano eruption have killed many people in the past years. It’s clearly a place you shouldn’t put on your vacation list.


The legend of the Bermuda Triangle began with the unexplained disappearance of a group of military planes carrying 14 men off the coast of south Florida in December 1945. “We are entering white water, nothing seems right,” the flight leader supposedly said before they lost radio contact.

Thirteen more servicemen sent to search for the missing fliers also vanished. They have linked other mysterious disappearances and encounters to the area of ocean that is a triangle anchored by Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Two British South American Airways passenger planes disappeared in the area a year apart in 1948 and 1949.

No explanations or wreckage were ever found. Victims credited to the area in many books and documentaries have included a large oil tanker, a pleasure yacht and a small passenger plane.

Books, including “The Devil’s Triangle,” “Limbo of the Lost,” and “The Riddle of the Bermuda Triangle,” suggest supernatural explanations.

Aliens in spaceships, wormholes and the mythical lost continent of Atlantis have been blamed.

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