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Most Unusual Cars in the World

Cars you can’t fathom that only exist in your mind might actually exist in the actual world! Are you ready for the rollercoaster ride of your life? Do you want to see the freakiest and most unusual car designs? Hold on to your seat Marty McFly as we countdown the15 most unusual cars in the world.


At number six, the Toyota 8 Wheel Sedan. This car reminds me of a pregnant caterpillar. It has so many wheels, you never have to worry about needing a spare tire.

This is the weirdest car on the list, but it lacks the charm of the ones ahead of it, hence the reason why it is at number 6.

Besides its very unorthodox exterior, this car runs very much like any other sedan, except it has 8 wheels. I just hope people who buy this car don’t live in cold countries.

Imagine having to get winter tires for this thing? On the road, it drives well, but it is unsteady when doing cornering maneuvers.

No kidding! The brake performance is also less than optimal because of the weight of the car. There are many disturbing aspects to this car including handbrake performance not being very good.

What I like about this car is the fact that you can add ten more wheels, a trailer, get your trucker permit and make money with the damn thing!


Powered by Cadillacs, 325-hp V-8, the Cyclone appeared at various car shows after the Daytona 500 and was a part of GMs popular Motoramas, which operated until 1961.

It would undergo several styling changes including a 1960 fin-ectomy, which reduced the size of the tailfins seen here before its ultimate retirement.

Designers Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell gave the Cyclone a flip-top canopy that was fully powered and would disappear in the trunk, resting on an airbag, when not needed.

The top was also coated in vaporized silver to deflect the sun’s rays, and the sliding doors would jut out at the push of a button, allowing easy opening and easier entry.

The rectangle in the door was a compartment to allow outside interaction without flipping the top, and external speakers ensured that the driver’s voice would be heard.

The black points on the leading edge of the front fenders hid a radar-based guidance system meant to interact with future smart roads, and the concept even boasted an untested a proximity warning system that would relay an alert to the driver of oncoming obstacles.

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