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SCARIEST Bridges You Don’t Want To Cross!

If you’re a thrill-seeker and you like being high in the air, admiring stunning panoramic views, almost as if you were flying like a bird of prey, then you will revel in watching our next countdown.

However, if you’re a wimp like me and standing on a three-foot ladder gives you the chills, you better have your friends strap you up in a straitjacket before you watch this.

So drink a few shots of wheatgrass juice and hang on to the railing as we countdown 15 of the scariest bridges you don’t want to cross.

15 – Glass Bottom Bridge Hunan China Number 15 on our list is the Glass Bottom Bridge in Hunan, China.

The recently completed span is a suspended glass walkway with a stomach-flipping 590 feet above a sheer drop in China’s central Hunan Province.

The bridge is the latest in a series of glass-floored attractions to open in China and the rest of the world.

Despite its terror-inducing appearance, its creators say the bridge is perfectly safe. Each of the glass panes is 1 inch thick and 25 times stronger than normal glass.

The bridge will stand firm even if tourists are jumping on it. The steel frame used to support and encase the glass bridge is also very strong and densely built, so even if a glass is broken, travelers won’t fall through.

It was originally a wooden bridge before the park experimented by replacing a small section with glass in 2014. It increased the thrill by revamping the whole overpass earlier this year, making it China’s first all-glass suspension bridge.

14 – Gap Bridge China Number 14 on our list is the Gap Bridge, another bridge in China. “Mind the gap” has never been more essential when walking across this 500 foot-high gap bridge in the sky.

The bridge is essentially a little more than a horizontal ladder with sizeable gaps in between each ledge.

Protected only by a harness, guests can live life on the edge as they precariously hop from one ledge to the next–trying not to fall between the cracks.

Who in the world would walk across a bridge with holes in them, with a harness being the only safety measure in place? I know I wouldn’t! You probably think I’m a wuss, but guess what?

Authorities closed down the high-altitude theme park attraction in because of safety concerns after a hair-raising video of a tourist’s lucky escape when his harness snapped went viral on social media.

An investigation by local government officials found staff had not fastened the safety cord properly when the tourist, did the “extreme leap”, Footage of the incident shows the man leaping across a giant walkway suspended in mid-air with gaping holes between each plank.

As he makes the last jump, the rope securing him to an overhead frame breaks from his safety harness, just as he reaches the opposite podium.

The man appears calm throughout, turning around and smiling after reaching the other side. About a second later he realizes what has happened and is seen holding up the severed cable.

There is no safety net beneath the bridge, and 500 feet below a nice soft bed of rocks is waiting to absorb your fall.

It was later heard that the event was a marketing ploy aimed at raising the profile of the theme park.

I guess the marketing expert lost his job because the claim was met with outrage on social media. I heard he’s writing commercials for KFC now. 13 – Glass Skywalk Number 13 on our list is the Glass Skywalk.

They build China Skywalks to be scary, and this one will make your head spin with vertigo. The Glass Walkway, termed “The Walk of Faith” hangs off the edge of a cliff in the Tianmen Mountains; it is 196 feet long, 5 feet wide, and is located 4600 hundred feet above sea level.

Despite being hair-raising frightening, the skywalk attracts thousands of tourists because of the breathtaking view it offers of the entire county.

If this adrenalin-inducing bridge doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing else will. We can see some visitors clinging to the cliff’s side, others rolling around on the 5 feet glass floor, selfie stick held high.

Ya, ‘cause I’m taking selfies that high in the air! Also Called the “Coiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk, the glass walkway is the third of its kind in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area.

The dramatic walkway overlooks Tongtian Avenue, a mountain road with 99 turns that snakes up Tianmen Mountain in Hunan’s National Forest Park. Its name means “Avenue to the Sky”.

This isn’t the first attraction to take advantage of the area’s stunning surroundings. Just looking at images of this bridge gives me the creeps. People are just looking for trouble. They like the view, well so do I, right here, from the comfort of my living room.

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