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Strangest Creatures That Are Hard To Believe Are Real

Our planet is made up of all sorts of creatures, some weirder than others. But what if I told you some creatures are so weird looking; you wouldn’t believe they exist until you saw them.

If that’s you, then join us as we countdown 15 strange.


Particularly well camouflaged with elaborate, ornate skin filaments that hang from the head, body and tail making the Leafy Sea Dragon is virtually indistinguishable from the floating seaweed in which it lives. Usually green to yellow in color.

The body is covered in protective jointed plates instead of scales and long, sharp spines line its dorsal edge.

It can reach a maximum length of almost 14 inches. Its diet consists mainly of Mysids and Amphipods.

The leafy Sea Dragon reaches sexual maturity at 2 years old and its period of incubation is 4-6 weeks. It is unknown how long it can live in the wild, but in captivity it’s about 3 years.

They are found in Western Australia anywhere between 13 to 98 feet in depth.

Temperate waters over sand patches among kelp reefs and in protected coastal bays is where you’ll find them. Sea dragons do not have any predators.

Their combination of excellent camouflage, tough jointed plates and sharp dorsal spines offer adequate protection.


In case you haven’t noticed, Angora bunnies are really furry! Their fur can grow to be over 6 feet in diameter! Angora bunnies need to eat a lot of hay to help them digest the fur they ingest while grooming themselves.

If they don’t eat the hay, the fur while get stuck in their digestive tract since they can’t cough it up. Their fur won’t fall out on its own; Angora rabbits have to be sheared regularly.

Angoras are really cute and make decent pets, but they’re generally bred for their fur.

Once sheared off, it’s used to make clothes and other various products.

You probably even have an angora sweater in your closet right now! French Angoras don’t have woolly facial fur or woolly feet, so they tend to be the easiest to groom. Angora fur is finer and softer than cashmere. These rabbits can live to be about 7 years old.

Angora rabbits are active and playful, sometimes enjoy the company of cats, and always enjoy companionship with their owners and other rabbits.

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