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Surprising Moments Caught While Fishing

Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. Well, sometimes fishermen get more than they bargained for. Fishing can sometimes lead unexpected adventures, all depending on where you are fishing.

Some people have gone fishing only to have very powerful fish storm out of the water and steal their catch away from them.

Some were close calls and others were just funny and surprising. Get ready as we countdown 15 surprising moments caught while fishing.

Hungry Hungry Piranhas There’s something genuinely devastating about spending a lot of hard work and effort reeling in a fish, and then your line snaps or the fish gets away.

You then have to spend even longer trying to get that second catch, but always wondering how large that first one might have been.

That’s pretty sad, but what if a hoard of hungry, vicious piranhas stole your prized catch instead? That’s what happened to one dejected fisherman who was out fishing on a still body of water with his friend.

They were on board a boat when the second fisherman decided to film the first reeling in what looked to be a hefty fish. As he pulled his line closer to the boat, the pair became aware of something else latching on.

But it wasn’t just one fish, it was several, and they wanted what the fisherman had. You can see in the footage a lot of movement around the catch, but it’s not the caught fish that’s causing all the ruckus.

By the time the man pulls the fish up, it’s a mere head.

The body is ravaged by a school of hungry, freeloading piranhas that were too lazy to catch their own dinner. These guys jumped in there like they hadn’t eaten for a year. Imagine, just the head of the fish was what remained.

Sneaky Seal A sneaky seal managed to jump out of the ocean and steal an amateur fisherman’s well-deserved catch, much to his surprise.

Wally Harrak had taken his friend Marko on a trip off the coast of Melbourne to teach him how to fish, when they were ambushed by a hungry seal.

A video, filmed by Wally, shows a surprised Marko shout in alarm as the clever seal jumps out of the water to steal his fish. It starts with Marko reeling in his fish and pulling it out of the water.

But the crafty seal waits until Marko is almost able to grab the fish before jumping out of the ocean and stealing the catch. The fisherman does not have any time to reclaim his prize as the seal dives straight back into the water, never to be seen again.

The two men both yell in surprise and Marko shouts: ‘Oh come on,’ as he watches his catch of the day disappear back into the water.

The seal manages to escape with Marko’s fish, leaving only the fish’s head remaining on the hook. Wally said: ‘I thought I would teach Marko how to fish and use a boat safely before he took his family out the following weekend.

The fishing was great until a seal popped out of the water and snatched Marko’s fish scaring the Bejesus out of him. Needless to say, the seal got the fish and Marko got his hook back with only a fish head on it.’

The video, posted on his Facebook page Wally’s World of Fishing in September 2019, is not the only encounter Wally has had with sneaky seals. He had to move his boat more than 3km to get away from a seal who was trying to ambush his fishing trip in May.

But the seal kept following him despite his efforts and continued stealing his fish, leaving him empty-handed until he could finally shake the seal.

The father-of-two often takes his daughters Lara and Rita out on the ocean with him and has been sharing videos of their family fishing adventures on Facebook and YouTube for more than a year.

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