The insider also said, “What is amazing is that the plane is always on full battery, when I press the button all the lights inside are on. In addition, the coffee stored in the pot is still hot and fragrant. And even the sandwiches were just as fresh. Everything made me scary, very strange. When I checked the oil tank, I found it was almost full. / The plane made an emergency landing with its wheels on the soft mud of the forest, so it was completely intact and still able to fly as before.

The passengers of the plane suddenly disappeared

On June 29, 1968, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Podaky were aboard a DC-3 flying in Dallas. During the trip, Mr. Podaky used the bathroom and has not seen any return since. His wife cried, asking the flight attendants to search the toilet and other passenger compartments, but there was no sign of Mr. Podaky. At this time, all aircraft windows are in the normal state.

Then, the passengers on the flight recall, “At that time, the plane was flying through the air north of Rolla, Missouri. As Mr. Podaky made his way to the toilet, the plane suddenly swayed a bit, but quickly returned to normal. Shortly after, I heard the woman cry.

Scientists in many countries are familiar with this case, but their explanations are not the same. Some people say it’s foreign behavior; others say he overcomes the barriers of time and space, falls into a five-dimensional space …