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Weird Animals That Give You Chills

The world is full of incredible creatures, some weirder than others, and some scarier than others.

However, in a world full of wonders in all corners of the earth and for every panda and koala, there’s another creature that evokes entirely different emotions.

You won’t believe some of the things that live in the world so get ready to be creeped out of your skin as we countdown 15 weird animals that will give you chills.

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Cereal leaf beetles Cereal Leaf Beetles are native to Europe and Asia but in recent years they have been found throughout the rest of the world – they’re a serious problem for farmers because if they begin to breed on their crops entire fields can be decimated within a matter of days.

These beetles are one of the costliest species in the world – when it comes to food production and are only outdone by plagues of locusts. They can grow to only around 1/5 of an inch long but the risk is when they’re in their larval stage.

In that stage, they don’t actually eat all the vegetation but only the external layers of leaves which prevents the plants from properly photosynthesizing.

They are one of the reasons why crops are sprayed with various chemicals and why scientists try to genetically modify their makeup to prevent the cereal leaf beetles from being interested in the altered plants.

Currently one of the best means of control is a biological solution where some species of nematode attack the adults while they’re keeping warm in the soil over the winter so when they emerge during warmer weather they’re unable to reproduce and create the devastating larvae.

Zombie snail Snails are a common sight in fields and gardens around the world and there’s nothing too unusual about them that is unless they’ve been infected by a particular type of parasitic worm that makes them behave rather peculiarly.

Once the flatworm targets the green banded brood sac amber snails and makes their way inside their bodies they are able to take control of their I stocks.

This allows them to create a dazzling disco display of color that has one specific purpose and that’s to mimic the appearance of a caterpillar to attract birds.

This may seem like a dangerous game and it certainly is for the zombie snails but for the worms, it’s all a necessary part of their lifecycle.

They only reproduce inside the stomachs of birds before their eggs are excreted and the whole process begins again.

Luckily for the snails, the worms only develop within their eye stocks which are also the only parts that the birds attack and eat so once the worms are gone they are able to regenerate the parts of their body they’ve lost and continue on until another worm finds them.

No wonder these snails are zombies. With a life like that, what did you expect?

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