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Interesting things you can only find in the coldest continent in the world

Even though Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, it’s still a place with amazing views and loads of fun.

When people think of Antarctica, people only think of a pure white of cold ice and snow. However, plants still thrive here. Grasses, mosses and lichens here grow more slowly than elsewhere on Earth.

That is why it is so important to preserve them. Tourists visiting Antarctica are often reminded by their guides not to step on them to protect the ecosystem of this place.

Penguins in Antarctica are still pretty good at finding their way home after a trip to the sea or iceberg. So if you go to Antarctica and meet the penguins, leave them alone and let them roam freely. Because arbitrarily touching penguins will make them angry and hurt you.

Dolphins don’t like to be touched
In addition to penguins, dolphins are also animals you should not arbitrarily touch. You can watch whale shows, go boating in the river with a group of dolphins, but don’t disturb them. The dolphins will be very grateful to you for this.

Antarctica is a demilitarized continent
No military activities have taken place in Antarctica, including exercises or base establishment. In particular, the use of guns or explosive devices is prohibited here without a special distribution mode.

Antarctica does not sell souvenirs
When visiting this place, surely visitors always want to be able to bring home something as a souvenir. However, in Antarctica, bringing anything from here is prohibited, including rocks, bones, and eggs of animals. Artificial products are also not sold here because everyone is still working every day to preserve the inherent nature of this continent.

Litter in Antarctica is taboo
To keep Antarctica as pristine as possible, a lot of rules have been established here, especially with littering. If you accidentally smoke in Antarctica, you will have to stay and collect every cigarette ash and take them out of here. Discharging any kind of waste here is also taboo, so bring a bag to store your waste.

Rescue in Antarctica is impossible
Antarctica is a continent twice the size of Australia and has the lowest temperature on Earth (-89.2 degrees Celsius). Because of this, there are not many people here, and getting lost from the group will cause visitors a lot of trouble. With unpredictable weather conditions, rescue is basically impossible. The glaciers and mountains here are especially dangerous because snow can cover any openings you accidentally fall into.

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