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Design a “palace” on the G train

The $ 350 million “billionaire train” is expected by famous French designer Thierry Gaugain to elevate the experience of train travel across the world.

Designer Thierry Gaugain is teaming up to build a “billionaire train” inspired by the first-class car of the frozen train “Snowpiercer” from the science fiction film of the same name.

The G Train features 396.24m panoramic windows and folding sides to create an occasional balcony – likened to the ‘Palace on the rails’.

By design, G Train has a total of 14 cars, each with smart glass windows and ceilings, which can be switched from translucent to transparent with the flip of an ambient switch. The train also has a dining car and a daycare car.

The G Train is not designed as a public or passenger train. “The owner we are targeting is someone who is aware of their uniqueness and understands that we are not just talking about vehicles,” designer Gaugain told CNN Travel. According to him, G Train is for tourism, not just speed of travel from A to B. Travel to take advantage of the weather, because it is the only treasure we have. Travel to slow down and focus on inner thinking.

Before the idea of the “billionaire train”, Gaugain was known as the author of many designs for superyachts, such as the 78.35-meter Venus, worth up to $ 1.247 billion. Mr. Gaugain also worked with the late billionaire Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple.

“We are working with many experts, from the British engineering company Eckersley O’Callaghan, the glassmaker Saint-Gobain (France), the shipbuilder Stadler (Switzerland) and the security company Marine Guard (United Kingdom)” , revealed Mr. Gaugain. , waiting for a partner and after about 2.5 years the G train will be finished.

G Train có thiết kế bằng kính thông minh chuyển từ mờ sang trong suốt. Ảnh: Daily Mail.

Like regular trains, G Train cars can be detached and reassembled, allowing part of the train to separate and move on its own. Those lucky enough to receive an invitation to board the ‘G Train’ by the sole owner will be led through the reception hall in the center of the train. From there they have access to the main cars, including the owner’s private rooms and accommodation for 18 people, the entertainment area, the venue for events and banquets.

According to the designer, the biggest difficulty preventing the G Train from going around the world, like the fictitious Snowpiercer train, is that it has to meet different local technical standards and most importantly, the rail gauge system varies. , according to the standard or international gauge. .

“Such a train is very complicated, because no train runs on all the tracks”, admits designer Gaugain. “However, the G Train will be compatible with European and American rail networks. It will be able to travel at 160 km / h.”

“Trains are not a thing of the past. There is nothing more sustainable than trains when it comes to moving objects. Airplanes and other vehicles consume a lot of energy. head with the train. It is to create a vehicle for the future “, he underlined.

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