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Is human alone in the universe?

Since the birth and development of space science, a question that has always been bothering the whole human society is whether there is anyone outside Earth? Humans have launched spacecraft, explored many planets in search of other life, but so far, the above question has not been answered.

Many hypotheses are proposed today to guide the research work. A typical example is the multiverse theory, which comes from William James’s term of the same name in 1895. Accordingly, it is said that there are many parallel universes along with the one in which we live.

From this theory, modern research today mostly assumes that humans have “neighbors” in other planets and universes. In 2011, to accurately answer the above question, some US scientists used the most advanced technology to send radio waves into space.

This wave propagates if detected by aliens, they will send the response waves back to Earth. According to them, with this method, within 20 years, we can determine whether there are alien civilizations or not.

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