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The expert specifies: There are still 4 disasters that will occur in 2020

2020 is indeed a year of disaster. In addition to the plague, there are floods, droughts, extreme weather conditions including snowfall in July, hail and insect infestations that appear constant. However, the tribulation of 2020 could be even more severe …

Over the past six months it can be said that many prophecies have been given, from ancient times to modern times, by Indian wonders, by western seers, even by elven firefighters, of the person with the nickname KFK of the future 2060. . etc. What these prophecies have in common is that 2020 will be an extremely dire year.

A practitioner saw what was going to happen through his third eye (the celestial eye) and said that there is a god in the sky who is in charge of calamities, called “Si Tai God”. Tu Tai Than this year is extremely busy as there are so many disasters.

This God said, this year is the year to start the “five elements of the life cycle” (disturbance of the five elements), mankind begins to face the end of the world. This tribulation will be paved by the corona virus, that is, the corona virus is only the beginning of this tribulation, behind there are many catastrophes.

Currently, the known calamities are plague, locusts, floods, droughts, hail, plague, etc. but he says there are still more serious wars, famines, fires and epidemics to come. Further, each of these calamities is “timed, fixed, determined,” called the Three Concentration.

Accidents have happened, everyone has seen them and knows these things are not exaggerated. So today we will try to examine and analyze the four calamities that have not yet occurred that Tu Tai Than spoke about.


It is said that this year there will be war, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is now full of gunpowder. In fact, the most important thing here is that the US-China relationship is already in a state of almost complete division.

A series of recent actions such as closing the consulate, banning TikTok or even banning WeChat, sanctioning Hong Kong officials are just one aspect. Two US aircraft carriers in the Taiwan Strait recently stopped Chinese ships bound for Iran. There was certainly a strong smell of gunpowder here.

Commentators are all saying there probably won’t be a shootout. But whether there really is an injury or not, it’s still very difficult to say. Of course, as ordinary people what we don’t want the most is war. But hope can only be hope, many things are natural, like the Cuban missile crisis, it looks like the whole world will be destroyed by nuclear war, but it’s over.

Sometimes it seems like everything is fine, but suddenly there is a conflict. So there is obviously a bias there. If there is a war then no one can stop it, let’s wait and see.


According to the current situation, the possibility of the Chinese people facing famine is very high. China now, North and South floods, Yangtze River floods have flooded some important food producing areas in Anhui Province. The granary in the northeast this year is a great drought, many places have no harvest.

More importantly, there is no shortage of China’s empty national grain stockpile. I was hijacked by corrupt officials. When the chef came to check, he went everywhere looking for food to trick the chef.


In fact, there have been numerous fires in the past two years, from late last year to this year Australia has had fires in an area of ​​around 40,000 square kilometers. at the University of Sydney, more than 1 billion animals have died in the past two years.

Moreover, the California wildfire is not small. These fires have caused many accidents. But Tu Tai Than said that the real fire hasn’t come yet? Let’s see how the end of the year will be.

Super virus

There are currently 20 million people infected with the corona virus worldwide. But in the words of Tu Tai Than, it is still not the strongest virus, there will be a stronger virus that will appear this year.

We know that according to current medical research, the corona virus has mutated. The American and British research agencies jointly analyzed and studied the genome sequence of the corona virus. The results showed that 29% of the virus samples had a D614G mutation. And the virus mutation increases infectivity 3-6 times. Going up 3-6 times is scary, but if it’s still not that last virus, how strong is the last virus? It is truly unimaginable.

Indian prodigy Anand also referred to the “super virus”. His prediction so far has been fairly accurate, including the time of the outbreak and the overall process. At least systematically so far. In his prophecy, he also said that there would eventually be a super virus. And this super virus will arrive in December. So judging from the current situation and the different predictions, what we should be paying the most attention to is the so called “super virus”, it is probably a super virus. The last assassin of the apocalypse this time or not.

Speaking of the ultimate super virus, someone once said that he saw this time in the last tribulation of mankind that there would be a very powerful virus, causing the deaths of many people. He himself is a qigong lover and loves to visit all these so called “outer superiors”.

According to him, around the 1980s and 1990s, he visited most of the Chinese gurus. In 1993 or 1994, he encountered a very strange thing in the Northeast region, that is, a patient with fever came to a hospital in the Northeast region, whose l he onset was fever and cough.

The doctor then treated this person. As a result, within a day, this patient’s body slowly contracted, and then slowly disappeared. It’s like turning into water. In the end, only the clothes remained.

This situation frightened all the doctors and nurses present at the scene. No one knew what it was or what disease it was. I don’t even dare to do any research, because this person is a soldier. He also felt very strange. At that point, he applied for a senior post abroad that he knew. It is said that this master also has special powers.

As a result, the nobleman told him that this virus called “man-eating bacteria”, is an extremely harmful virus. So at that time, he said, mankind will encounter a very powerful virus, which will kill a lot of people. In addition, the person suffering from this disease practically does not have time to cure himself, and soon there will be no more people.

If the disaster does happen, can we have measures to avoid the tragedy? Of course, some religious friends will say it is God’s punishment. Humans cannot escape.

At least in Tu Tai Than’s words, he said that tribulation is the three samadhi: timing, timing and numbering. He said only the ID can be changed. That is, if the human heart corrects, there will be gods to help. Thus, it is possible to “respond to life regardless of the number” able to overcome great tribulation.

From the theistic point of view, it is God who punishes man. So why punish? Because people got bad, did a lot of bad things. Just for the sake of glory and gain, hurt others, destroy the situation, even slander the gods and Buddhas. In traditional Chinese culture, there is a saying “Evil acts, it serves good” (Do not do bad, often do good). The reform of mankind will probably have a miracle.

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