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Most Dangerous Animals On Planet Earth

There are many dangerous animals that inhabit the earth, some more than others. Join us as we countdown the 15 most dangerous animals on planet earth.

Sometimes they are huge and look dangerous and sometimes they might look all cute and defenseless, but you better think twice before approaching them.


Elephants have a huge body with 3-6 tons of weight. They have the power to uproot big trees from the soil. A single blow with its trunk is enough to injure a tiger badly.

Though it looks heavy, it can reach a speed of 30 to 40 mph.

An elephant is never alone, always wandering in groups. Hence, an attack on one elephant makes the other elephants alert. Attacking an Elephant seems purely impossible.

The last thing you want to do is make an elephant angry. Once the elephant is upset, he will not stop at anything to go after you.

They are usually calm animals, but if you piss them off, you better run faster than the flash because an upset elephant can run quite fast and if he catches up to you, he will squash you like an ant.


Although its size makes it fearsome looking, the hippo is often one of the most underrated animals in Africa in terms of its fearless and potentially bad-tempered nature.

Hippos rank as one of the largest animals in Africa and are not known for their sunny dispositions, causing more human deaths in Africa annually than lions, leopards, crocodiles, or any other of the major predators.

A hippo’s most important requirement is a permanent water source. Hippos save an impressive deal of energy by staying in the water.

The water keeps their large barrel-like bodies and consequently, they need not eat as much as expected.

Hippos can remain submerged for up to 6 minutes as they can close their nostrils and ears to prevent water from entering.

Whilst a hippo is very adaptable in water and can walk on the bottom of rivers or dams, they are clumsy on land.

Pods of hippo can range from two to 200 animals but typically contain 7-15.

Bulls are especially grumpy and do not tolerate one another, and they slash even young bulls on the head and shoulders with their sharp teeth.

Dominant bulls typically display their status through Widemouth yawns that show their formidable canine teeth, and plenty of grunting.

Their lower canines are modified into huge tusks that grow continuously and may reach 30-50cm long.

Their teeth are instruments of defense and it has been recorded where a hippo bit a 3-meter crocodile in half! That’s called sharing your meal with your partner without making a fuss.

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